3 Ways to Exfoliate your Face Naturally


Exfoliation is one of the must-do things to remove dead cells on your skin. If you don’t exfoliate your skin more often, then these dead cells will build up on your skin and lead to a dry and a grey skin. They may also lead to blemishes like acne.

The biggest benefit of exfoliating your skin is, it gives your skin a shiny and fair complexion and remove all the dead skin.

In this article, I am going to discuss 3-all natural ways of exfoliating your skin.

There are two methods of exfoliating your skin naturally, chemical and mechanical exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation utilizes the use of natural acids. Some of the natural acids that can be used in this case includes: Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHA) and Beta Hydroxyl Acid (BHA). One basic benefit of this chemical method is it can reach deeper.

Mechanical exfoliation utilizes the ingredients with an abrasive texture which are rubbed on the face and the body. You can as well use cleansing brushes because they have the same effects.

Make an Exfoliating Cleanser or mask

In this method, you are required to mix several powdered natural ingredients. It is very simple to do this. After mixing the ingredient, you are going to come up with a cleanser or mask that will exfoliate your skin naturally. The mixtures can serve as a mechanical and as a chemical method of exfoliating.

The type of ingredients to mix can vary depending on how abrasive you want the product to be like. The below are some of the ingredients that exfoliate your skin mechanically.

·         Oatmeal

·         Rice powder

·         Almond meal

·         Bamboo Powder

·         Fruit seeds such as Raspberry or strawberry.

Fruit seeds are the most abrasive but the ground oats and almonds are among the gentlest mechanical exfoliators. On the chemical level, you can use the below powdered exfoliators that chemically exfoliates your skin.

·         Milk Powder

·         Pineapple powder

·         Lemon powder

DIY Sugar scrub

You can as well make a homemade sugar scrub which works equally when exfoliating the skin. Organic sugars have a rough texture which allows for a vigorous exfoliation. If applied the right way, it can break the skin surface and remove all the deed skin cells.

You can also use different sugars depending on the scent and skin conditions. You can decide to use Colada sugar scrub. In this case, you are just supposed to mix sugar with some natural oils and apply it on the skin. Later massage your skin on a circular motion. Repeat the method at least twice a week for effective results.

Use an Overnight AHA toner

This is the third most effective way of exfoliating your skin naturally. You can make an AHA toner and apply it overnight for effective results. You are just required to combine hydrosols with water soluble fruit acids and fruit extracts.


You are then required to apply the mixture after cleansing at night. The fruit acids and the extracts will chemically exfoliate your skin and leave your skin feeling soft and looking good. There are several other sources of AHA out there that can used to offer the same effects.