5 Benefits of Physiotherapy


Many people are unaware that physiotherapy can be for more than injuries or post-surgery rehabilitation. In fact, there are people who underestimate the restorative capabilities of physical therapy and go directly for surgery, believing that their problems will be taken care of more effectively. That’s not always the case. Physiotherapy is much less intrusive but extremely effective at managing pain and other ailments.

To help you understand all that physiotherapy can do, here is a list of the top 5 benefits of physiotherapy:

1. Pain Management

Chronic pain from old or new injuries, medical conditions, or post-surgery recovery can be enough to derail you from doing everything you enjoy. By adding physiotherapy to your schedule, you are doing better for yourself. Physical therapy employs techniques that not only relax tense muscles and aids in the mobilization of joints and connective tissues, but it can increase your strength over time. By continuing on with prescribed physiotherapy exercises, you can live a life with far less pain and move motion.

2. Injury Prevention

A key component of physiotherapy is teaching the body how to move more functionally to prevent weakened areas from becoming injured. The therapist assesses the body to determine where the most vulnerable regions are, and then they give you exercises and use other therapeutic modalities to help limit pain while building strength and endurance. Thus, injuries from misuse are prevented, and you even move better because of it.

3. Anti-Aging

Aging takes a toll on the body. There are diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, and balance issues that can make regular forms of exercise more challenging and dangerous for the elderly. Physiotherapy is a much more conservative route for older people, because the exercises are far less stressful than going to the gym or an intense exercise class. Also, aging individuals who use physical therapy can avoid undergoing joint replacement surgery for extended periods of time.

4. Movement Maximization

Physiotherapists are masters of human movement, and thus they can create exercise routines that focus on limiting painful movement while increasing your level of fitness and range of motion. People who have been diagnosed with muscular imbalances, movement issues, and coordination struggles can all benefit from physiotherapy. You will receive exercises fine tuned to your needs to help you regain mobility in the affected appendages and joints. Sometimes, you will even walk away from therapy stronger than ever before.

5. Balance and Mobility Improvements

Whenever you undergo a surgery or start to age and experience wear-and-tear, you lose a little bit of your balance and mobility, particularly in the joints. For those who have been on bed rest for a time, getting back to standing can be difficult. Fortunately, physiotherapist can come up with routines that help you not only regain strength but aid in developing mobility in the joints and better balance. Simply tell the therapist of your goals, and you will get a full plan to help you achieve it.

While this therapy is considered complementary or alternative to many treatments, there is no denying the magic of functional  and gentle movement. From elite athletes to the elderly, everyone can benefit from visiting the physiotherapist. Now that you know why physiotherapy is beneficial, it’s time to make an appointment.