A Few of the Top Nashville Fitness Centres


Health and fitness is a crucial part of everyday life and it is certainly not something that should be taken for granted. As far as getting fitter and healthier is concerned, the general consensus is that diet and exercise are both integral parts of any healthy living plan, which is why so many people are looking for new and exciting ways of getting in shape instead of just plodding away on the treadmill for several hours each week. In Nashville Tennessee for example, more and more Nashville fitness centres are popping up than ever before, and Nashville is quickly becoming the workout destination of choice for keen fitness enthusiasts all over the country. If you’re in the area, or even if you simply want to try what many consider some of the best equipment, facilities, and workouts in the country, here’s a look at a few of the top Nashville fitness centres.

Fitness Center

Next Level Fitness – They arethe best of both worlds with regards to the facility. They have the size and equipment of a major gym and at the same time a private training studio.  Of course all the best “stuff” in the world won’t help you if you don’t have the motivation to use it or the instruction to use it safely and effectively.  They have fitness professionals who have what it takes to help bring your training to the next level.

Barry’s Boot camp – Located in the Gultch area of Nashville, Barry’s boot camp is quickly becoming one of the most visited boot camps in the region. If you’re looking to transform your body, burn fat, build and tone your muscles, improve your fitness, better your life, and meet new and likeminded individuals just like yourself, make sure you pay Barry’s boot camp a visit the next time you’re in the Gultch. Each class is an intensive one hour circuit, with classes including: arms/abs, legs/butt, full-body, hardcore abs, back/chest/abs and more.

Krank – Located in green hills, Krank Nashville provides extremely high intensity fitness classes known as “Krank strength”. These workouts work your entire body and will push you to your absolute limit. With hardcore equipment such as sandbags, equalizers, kettlebells, TRX, and more, don’t expect a simple dumbbell workout. For the ultimate strength, muscle, and fitness experience, why not try the hugely popular 30/30 class? This class is basically 30 minutes of krank strength training, immediately followed by 30 minutes of intensive cycling.

Iron Tribe – With four separate locations in Nashville alone, you can already get a pretty good idea that iron tribe is going to be the real deal. Very similar to cross fit-style workouts, Iron tribe workouts place an emphasis on group classes with community and support a very big factor. The classes only last for 45 minutes but boy are they brutal so don’t take them for granted. With Olympic-style lifts, power racks, ropes, chin up bars, kettlebells, sandbags, and much more a staple part of their everyday workouts, by the time you’ve finished you should be soaked in sweat and struggling to walk for the next day or so. Iron tribe workout classes are offered in mornings, evenings, and afternoons as well.

Studio Novo – Studio Novo is a Hollywood inspired workout centre that is relatively new to the Nashville area. Megaformers and Lagree fitness machines have been recently introduced to Music City and the classes offered are 50 minutes in length, with an emphasis on full-body workouts. The classes are only small, and if you’re unfamiliar with the machines, and indeed the workouts, you may be best having a quick read up online of what they’re all about.