The Top Fitness Trends Of 2018, According To ClassPass


If you’ve noticed that the strength-training and treadmill classes always tend to fill up first on ClassPass, then you might be onto something. According to new ClassPass data released today, the top activity that members reserved in 2018 was strength-training. Treadmill classes, on the other hand, were the fastest-growing category, with an 82% increase in classes that incorporated treadmills since 2017.
Another trend that ClassPass noted from the past year was shortened classes. ClassPass users were 33% more likely to book a class under 45 minutes than they were in 2017. The workout booking app predicts that these express workouts will continue to trend into the New Year, so look out for that option if you’re trying to plan a sweat session around your very busy holiday schedule.
Interestingly, the most popular day of the week to schedule a class was Tuesday, and the most popular time on the weekdays to work out was 5:30 pm. On the weekends, people tended to work out at 10:30am, which makes sense because most people sleep later.
The most popular day of the year to skip a workout entirely was January 1, perhaps because everyone was hungover from the night before. (Although, some research suggests that exercise is a good way to relieve hangover symptoms.) And on the flip side, the most popular day of the year to work out was February 28.
In addition to highlighting the general trends across the United States, ClassPass broke down workout preferences for individual cities. People who live in New York booked the most classes out of all the others, which makes sense, given how many great boutique workouts there are available. ClassPass users in Columbus, OH were the most likely to book a class earlier than 7:30 am, while those in Pittsburgh tended to book classes after 7:30 pm. In Portland, OR, however, people tended to work out at lunchtime.
This information might seem oddly specific, but ahead of the New Year, when lots of people are signing up for memberships or headed to new workout classes, this could be valuable intel. By staying ahead of the trends, you might just increase your chances of scoring a coveted spot in your favorite workout class before everyone else — even if strength-training is your absolute fave, too.