Changing Lifestyles After Retiring Can Be a Difficult Process


Are You Experiencing Relationship Troubles Following Such A Change?

Seeking help from a Los Angeles relationship counselor can help you get your relationship back on track.

Most people spend the majority of their working lives looking forward to the day when they can retire. Unfortunately, once that day arrives, some have difficulty changing lifestyles after retiring.

After spending the majority of their waking hours at work or handling work-related tasks and issues, some have a relative inability to get in touch with themselves and their personal interests after retiring.

Unfortunately, changing lifestyles after retiring can put a great deal of stress on a relationship – even for those who have been together for many years and have otherwise enjoyed a happy relationship.

When this time comes, it is important to seek the help of an experienced Los Angeles relationship counselor if you experience any difficulty, in order to strengthen the relationship and better adjust to this change in life. After all, changing lifestyles after retiring can be a complex process for many.

The reality is that many people come to identify themselves with their work. After being driven by work for so many years, they lose touch with the things that they are interested in and have a difficult time dealing with their extra free time. In essence, adjusting to changing lifestyles after retiring becomes an overwhelming burden.

For those in a relationship – whether married or simply committed to one another outside the institution of legal marriage – the added time together and the stress involved with changing lifestyles after retiring can weaken a relationship.

With the help of an experienced Los Angeles relationship counselor, it is possible to get to the root of relationship difficulties, while also determining strategies for more effectively coping with changing lifestyles after retiring.

Whatever form of committed relationship you are in, there are several areas that a Los Angeles relationship counselor might explore to help improve your relationship, and help make it steady and strong following retirement.

Some of the issues that may be addressed with the help of a Los Angeles relationship counselor include…

Individual feelings regarding retirement, including fears of growing old or feeling “useless” without a job;

The effects of retirement on both the individual and the couple;

Strategies for exploring personal interests and once again getting in touch with oneself in order to create an identity outside of one’s work;

Strategies for communicating more effectively;

And identifying opportunities to provide one another with the necessary space to remain a united couple while enjoying independent interests.

The bottom line is that coping with a change in lifestyles following retirement can be more difficult than many people realize. By working with an experienced Los Angeles relationship counselor, however, it is possible to enjoy retirement while maintaining a strong relationship with the one you love.