Core Fitness – Get in Your Best Shape by Using Your Torso


Everywhere you look, there are stories popping up all over the place about fitness training and which type of training people will receive the most benefits from. Most fitness and exercise routines point people towards working every zone of their body in order to achieve the maximum workout. For example, if a person wanted to tone their legs and their abdominal section, then they would run to work on their legs and do crunches for their abs. However, the latest niche in fitness training is core fitness and this new method of working out is something that I predicted would become huge in a very short time.

Core fitness is taking the exercise world by such a storm that even major news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal has reported on its benefits. This type of training has also been shown on television news programs and is constantly being talked about by some of the top trained experts in the fitness industry.

To get a better understanding of how working your torso should be implemented into your routine and why I thought it would be an exercise program that would catch on relatively quickly, let’s take a look at the key points of core fitness:

  • The muscles being worked in core fitness routines are found in the torso area between the upper thigh and the shoulders. This area includes a person’s Pectoralis Major, Rectus Abdominus and Abdominal Oblique muscles just to name a few.
  • By working the core muscles between the neck and the thigh, a person achieves a greater balance, posture and flexibility.
  • Exercises concentrate on stretching and balancing exercises and routines.
  • Core fitness can be achieved through Pilates, Yoga and Dance routines, but these types of exercises are usually popular with women. It has been found that even men with rigorous fitness routines don’t participate in exercises that improve their whole torso area.

I am glad to see that core fitness is getting integrated into workout routines because there are several positive benefits that can be realized by doing so. It is thought that core fitness exercises are going to become a staple for improving muscular skeletal pain due to the fact that the torso supports the neck, back and legs. Training can be done at home, in the gym or with a personal fitness trainer. One of the best things about core fitness training is that you don’t need a ton of expensive and bulky exercise equipment in order to achieve your desired result. All you really need is an exercise mat, a few dumb bells and an exercise ball. Therefore, you will be receiving a ton of health benefits and keeping money in your wallet at the same time.

Another benefit of core fitness is that sometimes people will load too much muscle on the front of their torsos or too much on the back. This means that there could be too much muscle weight and the muscles are not even throughout the front and back of the torso region. This can cause stress and pain in the area that is weaker than other areas of the torso. Core fitness training will help you achieve muscle balance and eliminate pain and discomfort.