Corporate Fitness


Because we are in the midst of a time of technology based employment and the related sedentary recreation time, the responsibility of implementing an exercise plan into our lifestyles has fallen onto the person themselves. Or does this seem obvious to you? Let us examine some of the more recent developments in today’s workplace.

Many modern day employers are jumping on the fitness train that echoes the sentiment that good worker fitness means great staff work place performance. One of the indicators of good employee fitness is having a good health and fitness plan. To that end, many employers are now getting behind endorsing corporate health incentives as a means to keep down health care costs and improve employee fitness and health overall.

Simply put, employers have realized that when employees are fit in both mind and body, they are better equipped to cope with life pressure and complete tasks better at work, too. If a staff member’s job is mostly movement based in essence, of course fitness must also be imperative to keep an employee fit and healthy and at work, injury free.

If employees are sick or out of shape, they are a lot more likely to suffer an injury, and many may require more recovery time. By contrast, if fitness plans are implemented as a piece of a workday schedule, staff are more efficient, and probably wont take leave or be absent due to disease or sickness. And not to mention, this is a great benefit to industry not just in productivity, which we all know increases their bottom line; it also literally drives down overall costs, as medical expenses are reduced when employees are healthy.

To that end, many agencies now integrate corporate fitness training plans to make their employees be more healthy and yes, more content. So how would they do this?

First, employees’ fitness levels are assessed and categorized by way of surveys given by the company. Secondly, complete fitness programs are designed for participants of the program. Several companies have opted to construct in-house fitness centers or gymnasiums, so that employees can simply access these facilities during lunch breaks and so on. Others have opted to give staff corporate memberships at nearby health destinations so that it’s simple to train at the drop of a hat, on the way to or on the way back from their work day.

In some cases, agencies organize classes for their staff who then train with each other, such as yoga classes, for instance. Some also have, pre-natal classes for pregnant women.

Corporate fitness is a smart move for the contemporary company. The idea just makes sense. From the health of your individual employees to bringing on board new staff to fill vacancies, putting in place a holistic health plan into the workplace will pay dividends down the track.