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Craigslist WI Sauk County Sheriff’s Department received recent complaints about a “Craigslist scam” in which Sauk County residents advertised items for sale on Craigslist. They have also been receiving fraudulent checks. The seller is only being reached by text or email to inform them that they would like to purchase the item and that they will be mailing a Federal Express check. To convince the seller they are interested in the item, the buyer sends multiple texts or emails to the seller to win them over. Within days, the seller receives a FedEx envelope from an unknown account. It contains the address and name of the seller.

They include a $2200 check to cover the cost of the item being sold. They also ask for any money remaining from the purchase to be returned Craigslist Greenville to Western Union. It will likely bear the name of Scottsdale Insurance Company, Arizona. You will find Huntington National Bank’s name printed on the check. You can cash the check, or deposit it in your bank account. This will make you responsible for the amount of the check if it is found to be fraudulent.

The Sauk County Sheriff’s Department reminds all citizens that scams happen every day. Citizens should not give out personal banking information to strangers. To protect yourself, if you sell items online and are approached by someone offering more money in a money order or check, you should think about whether you might be being scammed.

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