East Alabama Mental Health: Or Psychiatry Services


Inpatient East Alabama Mental Health Services

Patients of all ages can access the East Alabama Mental Health psychiatric Department. The adolescent area, which treats patients aged 4-18 years, offers a classroom that is child-friendly for younger patients. The adolescent unit provides youth with a safe environment that is conducive to their daily lives. The classes are designed to keep students on track with their schooling and to build team and individual skills. Because the treatment methods and environments vary from one age group to another, there is an additional unit for adult patients.

Other members of the treatment team include psychiatrists as well as psychotherapists and psychiatric nurses. Social workers and mental health associates are also included. They implement treatment plans and track patient progress towards treatment goals.

Nadia Bhuiyan is an assistant clinical faculty¬† Glorious Health Club member at Auburn University, and the director of Auburn’s Psychological Services Clinic. She shares her insights and offers many resources and tips to help others cope with anxiety and depression related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the clinic director of Auburn’s Psychological East Alabama Mental Health Services Center (or AUPSC), Dr. Bhuiyan provides supervision, didactics, and training. The AUPSC provides therapy and psychoeducational assessments to clients of all ages, including children, adolescents, and adults.

What is the most pressing issue regarding COVID-19 for you as a mental and emotional health professional?

As a clinical psychologist, it is important to emphasize that every person’s experience with this crisis will be different depending on their background and circumstances. It is important to recognize that everyone will have their own reactions and that you can reach out to other people for help during this time. People may be concerned about their own health and those of their loved ones. They might also worry about changes in daily life and campus activities. Financial stressors can cause anxiety.

COVID-19 has one important aspect. It raises awareness about the potential impact this crisis and uncertainty can have on our mental and physical well-being. As we navigate these difficult times, it is important that each person be kind and patient with East Alabama Mental Health. It is important to pay attention to how we react to this difficult time and the reactions of our loved ones. If you feel depressed, anxious or fearful of harming yourself or others, it may be a good idea to seek professional help.