Empty Nester Lifestyle – Learning, Growing, Doing


Empty nester lifestyle is a new chapter in your life. All the precious years of raising a family have flown past. Now you’re wondering what to do next.

There might be days when you feel a little lost and maybe even depressed as to what your purpose is now. Keep those days to a minimum and move into this next chapter with excitement and enthusiasm.

When your children were young your purpose was clear; you had children to nurture. There was always so much to do that thinking about your purpose was not something you probably considered very often anyway.

Now, however, your lifestyle has changed. There is no going back in time. Approach this next chapter of your life with anticipation. You now have the opportunity to learn and grow in any direction you choose.

Take a look at all the things in your life that you have already learned and then think about what to learn next. Being committed to constantly learning and growing is what will make your life purposeful.
Learning curves are fascinating. Think about the first time you drove a car. Do you remember your first time behind the wheel?

I learned to drive on a standard stick shift. I remember my dad taking me out one day. I came to a 4-way stop and when it was my turn to go I “hopped” the car across the intersection like a jack rabbit. My dad and I jerked back and forth like crazy!

It is funny to look back on all the things that were once difficult and are now easy.

As empty nesters let’s approach this chapter of life with plans for many more learning curves. How do you want to change or improve your lifestyle?

Financially are you going to be able to support everything you would love to do? Or will you be living on a limited retirement income? The choice is yours to make.

These questions and more are good questions to start asking yourself. Being an empty nester is an adjustment in your lifestyle. Take the time to discover your passion, purpose and bring a ton of excitement into your life.

Talking about learning curves: a couple of weeks ago I found myself repelling down a rock cliff. How did I get there? My oldest son recently took up rock climbing and asked if I’d like to go along. It was really a challenging and fun experience for me. My son was at the top of the cliff and slowly let the rope go as I worked my way down. It was an interesting reversal in roles as I was dependent on him. Thankfully we have a great relationship and he didn’t let me go crashing down!

Empty nester lifestyle coaching can give you the push (not over the cliff) you need to put you on an exciting new learning curve.