Ensuring Children Healthy Lifestyles


Children are precious. They are the leaders, builders and hope for the future. For that reason, we need to ensure that they have healthy lifestyles. One way to achieve it is to take good care of what children eat for the sake of their physical health. Children need to eat their main meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner at the right time. The meals are to be balanced in portions of carbohydrate, protein, fat and vitamins. Other than that, they also should be served healthy snacks in between main meals. For example: yoghurt, milk, biscuits, fruits, raisins, nuts, etc. We could also give vitamins and other supplements to them like vitamin C and cod liver oil. However these supplements should not be substituting real fruits and foods that are rich in vitamins. Another important thing is to encourage children to drink lots of water. Water is needed to keep the body hydrated and energized.

Another way to ensure children to have a healthy lifestyle is to let them have much fun and recreation. Children are active and needs an outlet for their energy. They could have much fun at parks, gardens, playgrounds or even around the home. At the same time they could have exercises at these places. They might also learn many new things while having recreation outside of classroom and home. Recreation not just contributes to their physical health but also emotional health.

Children deserve to have a life free from what troubles adults. Somehow these days there are many children coming from dysfunctional background or broken families. Although we could not eliminate these issues, there are ways to attain the children’s emotional health being. We could allow them to voice up on what they are going through and how they feel. They will feel loved and respected when others give them a listening ear. Adults could help much by letting children know that they could fail and be imperfect in life yet still have value. Children could lead a healthy emotionally lifestyle if most adults give them examples of good character.

Let us all work towards guarding and ensuring children to have healthy lifestyles whether it is it physically or emotionally.