Examining the Rising Cost of Beauty


The cost of being beautiful has never been this high. The natural look is out and the primped and pampered look favoured by celebrities is in, and everyone is spending more money to look that way. What do celebrities spend to look that beautiful, and how much does the rest of the public pay?

What Celebrities Spend on Looking That Way

According a report called “The True Cost of Beauty”, that was conducted by My Voucher Codes and published on Flux Magazine, beauty costs are going up faster than inflation. As a matter of fact, beauty spending was up almost 9% from January 2016 to January 2017.

According to the same report, Kim Kardashian reportedly spends more than two thousand pounds on products for her daily beauty regime. Kylie Jenner’s makeup and skincare routine uses just under than three thousand pounds worth of products. It isn’t just the products that let them look this way – they spend hours, too, on their looks. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are reported to spend at least two hours each day doing their makeup.

How Much the Public Spends

What does the average person spend on beauty products? For 19 to 24 year olds, they spend an average of £1,800 per year. The 25 to 34 demographic has more spending money and spend more than £2,000 per year. Women from 35 to 64 spend around £2,200 per year on beauty products. Note that these figures don’t include hair dressing and beauty treatments. Brits spend an average £23 per haircut and just under £40 for a hair colouring. The typical manicure runs at £17, while hair removal and tanning cost about £16 per session.

Beauty boxes have become popular as a way to save money on beauty products. You get to try out a variety of products in very small containers for a fraction of the price of buying several full sized containers and tossing out what you don’t like. Some of the most popular and cheap beauty boxes are by Glossybox and Birchbox, each running at £10. LookFantastic is £13, while Mintd runs at £65.

The Amount of Money In the Beauty Industry

The British spend over 280 million pounds on beauty products alone in an industry worth billions. Kim Kardashian’s makeup collaboration is worth an estimated three million pounds. Kylie Jenner earns an estimated sixteen and a half million pounds from Lip Kits in addition to other merchandise. Beauty vloggers aren’t far behind them in figures. For example, Michelle Phan earns just over two million pounds a year from her six million subscribers. Zoella earns about fifty thousand pounds per month from her four million Youtube subscribers. Tanya Burr has just under three million subscribers and earns a reported twenty thousand pounds per week.


Brand name celebrities routinely spend hours per day and thousands of pounds on beauty products on a regular basis. The average British woman spends around £2000 on beauty products alone, though beauty boxes have become a popular way to try to spend less in that category. Common beauty treatments run from £15 to £40 depending on what they have done. While celebrities make millions off of their own beauty lines, top beauty vloggers are earning tens of thousands of pounds per week from their beauty tips, product reviews and celebrity gossip.