Find out How to Master a Handstand Push-up


It Appears that everybody with an Instagram is turning upside down and snapping a pic of this gymnastic move against a pond or shore. Does the stunt create a fantastic gram, but there are really a whole lot of health advantages to becoming upside down and standing on your own palms.

Prepared to level up? Try out the handstand push-up. Do not worry, You do not have to be a yogi or even CrossFit athlete to perform it.

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Handstand Push-Up Benefits

The rigorous handstand push-up may look like only an upper Body movement, but it is not. ″The handstand push-up will fortify basically every muscle in the upper body such as the delts, shoulders, traps, triceps, and pecs,″ states Wickham. ″However, it also needs your heart muscles to trigger, and participates your glutes, hamstrings, and quads.” Thus, yep, just about any place.

If there’s 1 advantage you should not sleep on, it is the Boosted core power. ″Being upside down necessitates a ton of mid-line stabilization–that means your heart must be on and triggered,” says Wickham. Past assisting you to sculpt a observable six-pack, a solid core helps reduce injury risk in and from the gym.

And since the motion is a chemical exercise–meaning Unlike a leg or bicep curl, it utilizes multiple joints and consequently musclesit may fortify you all-over, which may result in a metabolic increase. (BTW: Did you know that you ought to do multi-joint before single-joint exercises in the gym?) . Besides, you are going to reap the rest of the benefits you obtain from strength training: fat reduction, greater calorie burn, fostered confidence, and improved bone strength, to mention a couple.

The Way to Do a Handstand Push-Up

  • Set a gymnastics mat or yoga mat onto the ground against A wall. Facing the wall, then put hands to 12 inches from the wall, about shoulder-width aside, and kick into a handstand.
  • Brace heart and tuck ribs beneath, squeeze glutes, and tip Feet to participate quads and hamstrings, to ensure that body forms a straight line from head to toe. Grip the mat fingertips, then, bending elbows in a 45-degree angle, then gradually lower till head grazes the ground.
  • Explode back to Begin by pressing hands into flooring, wearing your arms, and attaining pushing up body towards the ceiling.

Handstand Push-Up Form Tips

Engage your heart the Whole time to maintain your ribs from ″flaring” outside, and it is an indication your lower-back is hyper-extended.

Point your feet, squeeze your glutes, and hold the floor Together with your palms to get a better sense of equilibrium.

Try to keep your elbows in a 45-degree angle because you lower and return to begin.

Do not ″sit” in the base of this handstand push-up. Perhaps not only can it be tougher to push yourself up from a dead end, but it is also not great for your neck to chill there.

Still not prepared to handle a handstand push-up? Below, Gaines and Wickham break some exercises which could help you construct the essential strength and ability to perform a handstand push-up.

Hollow Rock

The hollow stone is a necessity move for all the Gymnastics moves in CrossFit, for example, handstand push-up. “It mirrors the place that the body will probably be in if you kick right into a handstand and reinforces the heart,” says Wickham.

  • bend face-up on the ground, arms extended overhead, biceps alongside ears.
  • Lifts arms and legs shoulder blades and toes are away Floor, pressing lower back to the ground.
  • Rock forward and backward while still maintaining heart braced, holding the hollow grip.

Do the Hollow Rock to get a 8-minute Tabata (20 seconds on, 10 Minutes away).


Before you graduate into the upside down push, you initially need to learn the traditional push-up. ″It functions a lot of the same muscles as the handstand push-up, but using a less intense range of movement,” says Wickham.

  • Start in high-plank with hands slightly wider than Shoulder-width, palms pressing to the ground and toes together. Engage quads and center like holding a board.
  • Gradually lower to ground by bending wrists back in 45-degree Angles, when torso touches ground, press palms into flooring, flex arms, and maintaining body in a direct line, return to start position.
  • That is 1 rep.

Pike Push-Up

″The pike place necessitates more shoulder flexion, tricep Strength, and heart power compared to the normal push,” says Wickham.

  • Start at a conventional push-up place. Then walk up feet Towards palms so that legs and arms are directly but body is at an upside-down V form.
  1. Bend elbows to reduce body till top of mind bits Flooring, then push to begin.
  • Do 3 sets of 8 repetitions, resting as needed between sets.