Fitness Plan – Your Plan For Weight Loss and Overall Fitness


A Fitness Workout Plan Involves Your Whole Self

Being fit is about looking good on the outside, feeling good on the inside, and feeling good about yourself. And it’s not just about you. When you feel and look good, you make others feel good as well.

I am going to divide fitness into three main categories: (1) muscle and bones, (2) food and air, and (3) thoughts and emotions.

Your Weekly Fitness Program Ideally Will Strengthen Muscles and Bones

Almost everyone would love to have a strong, lean, and trim body, for this is the ideal. Most people want to look attractive not only to the opposite sex, but to the rest of the world in general. Most people also want to enjoy the health that comes with a fit body. Your weekly fitness plan ideally will include a workout for your muscles and bones. Strong muscles and bones help the body to function more effectively and lead to a long and healthy life. Toned muscles are essential in keeping your metabolism in high gear, which will prevent weight gain. Being physically active will also keep your heart and lungs in the best condition.

All Fitness Plans Should Address Your Food and Air Intake And Your Emotional Health

The food, drink, and air you take into your body also plays a large role in your fitness plan. The ideal plan would be to keep your body completely free of toxins and excess fat. These are the things that lead to degenerative disease.

What about your emotional and intellectual health? What good is having a strong and healthy body if you don’t have the capacity to enjoy yourself and give to others? Developing a healthy brain and emotional outlook plays a large part in your overall fitness. It’s even difficult to know which comes first, a positive and healthy outlook or a healthy and trim body, for they both influence each other.

How To Achieve Inner Fitness

Now, what are the basic and best ways to go about achieving all these healthy and good feelings?

Let’s start with your mind. Feeding your mind keeps your brain sharp and in tune with your world. Make it a habit to read a variety of books, magazines, and news periodicals. Do crossword and other types of puzzles for brain exercise and for fun. You may be able to ward off senility or Alzheimer’s disease by doing so as well.

What about stress? Your thoughts and emotions take a beating when you experience negative stress. Negative stress comes about quite normally because of the obstacles you are dealing with every day in your family life, your career, and your social life. In a way, we are constantly fighting small battles with ourselves and others. This creates stress, and stress must be dealt with or it will have a bad effect on the mind and on the body. Even positive stress coming out of a wonderful experience will cause fatigue and will require rest.

How to deal with stress? A few basic stress busters are sufficient sleep (7 to 8 hours per night), engaging in a hobby or two, enjoying yourself with family or friends, or carving out some alone-time to re-charge your battery. How about a hot bath, or a short shopping trip, or a trip to the movies? Make your stress-busting actions simple for best results. Practicing some form of meditation is also a great way to beat stress and is very easy.

Next, let’s consider the food, drink, and air you take into your body. You are what you breathe and what you eat and drink. This cannot be overstated. Be determined to take in only healthy substances. Eat a nutritious diet which includes fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and good fats. Eat as many organic foods as you can afford. Drink the purest water you can find. Avoid second-hand smoke, and if you smoke, get the help you need to quit. Consider an air purifier for your home. Your skin breathes, too, so use skin products that contain antioxidants to protect your skin from the effects of air pollution. Keep your alcoholic consumption moderate. One cocktail a day, or one or two glasses of wine per day is more than sufficient. Use alcohol to enhance your life – don’t let it control your life.

Your Exercise Fitness Plan Will Result in a Slim and Toned Body

Third, think about your plan for fitness. How can you get your muscles and bones in shape and achieve a slim, strong body? Aerobic exercise is really beneficial as it exercises your all-important heart muscle and your lungs. Walk, run, jog, or play a vigorous sport like basketball or tennis. But don’t stop there. Find a solid weight training program that will help you lose excess weight even more quickly. A tried and true fitness plan will give you the structure to keep you on track. You will find that weight training is one of the best ways to get in shape. Strong toned muscles will help your body burn calories every single minute of the day, with the added benefit of making your body look good and your clothes fit great. Of course, you should check with your doctor before starting any kind of fitness program.

Always Stay Positive

Finally, remember to start each day with a positive outlook. Start each day thinking about something good in your life, or about a plan to enjoy yourself in some small way. As hokey as it sounds, count your blessings each day. People who keep a gratitude journal are happier and probably healthier also. Don’t forget to smile. It will make you feel happier, and it can make someone else’s day brighter, too.