Guide RAD140


Rad 140 (selective androgen receptor modulator) is a powerful, selective androgen receptor stimulator (SARM). You may be familiar with this compound by the name Testolone.

Because they are performance enhancers, SARMs like this one have become so popular.

Many believe they are safer than prohormones and anabolic steroids. This compound can also be dangerous, as many people don’t realize.


We spoke with bodybuilders who tried the SARM and wanted to hear their experiences. It was highly effective in boosting strength and muscle mass. They noticed significant improvements in their strength and muscle mass after just one week.

It is used for bulking and cutting.

They claim that it increases the amount of muscle tissue in your bulk. It is considered one of the best supplements for bulking.

It can keep them vascular and large when they are cutting. It will ensure that you don’t lose mass if you are in a caloric deficit.

This compound is claimed to be beneficial for bodybuilders:

  • You can recover faster than you would naturally
  • It will be much easier to gain muscle mass
  • Your strength will rapidly increase
  • Increased muscle volume and vascularity

Radius Health continues to research it. Radius Health is still researching it. This means that we don’t have all the answers. Our content will be updated once more research becomes publicly available.

We do not approve of the use of this SARM, or any other related matter.

Keep in mind that the claims made by our article are based on anecdotal experiences and reports. No clinical studies or data support them.


We want to begin by saying that Testolone has been shown to be a powerful compound.

Those who have tried it said that they should be more careful about the mk 677 dosage protocol as you don’t want too much.


Many people reading this article want to know how RAD140 sarms for sale suppress natural testosterone levels.

This means that your natural testosterone levels will be suppressed if you take SARMs. They’ll be much lower than what they were naturally.

Each person will experience a different degree of suppression from this compound.

To help you get over the suppression, you will need some form of post-cycle therapy supplement.

Rebirth PCT is recommended as it has a variety of ingredients that focus on restoring hormone levels to normal.

You can lose your gains and feel terrible if you don’t put effort into recovering from hormone suppression.


We can conclude from the limited research and data we have that RAD140 could have serious side effects.

This compound is not well-documented scientifically. We are opposed to SARMs like this.

It can cause aggression, suppression of hormones and sometimes nausea according to anecdotal evidence. Although these side effects are dose-dependent, there are not enough data to support this.

We don’t believe RAD140 to be safe. Anecdotal evidence shows that it can cause some side effects.

You will also need to have PCT and support products for your cycle, such as Rebirth PCT or Defend cycle support. It is better to be safe that sorry.


SARMs can have side effects and are not safe. We recommend looking into other options.

There are still a number of powerful over-the-counter muscle building supplements.

Ecdysterone from Huge Supplements has given me amazing results as a muscle-builder.

After an eight-week Ecdysterone cycle, I gained 7 lbs of lean muscle. It has a powerful ingredient called beta ecdysterone.

It doesn’t even require any type of PCT, which I find very nice.

RAD140 is still being investigated. This means that anything could happen in future. It’s not safe. We advise you to stay away from it.