America’ Health Brokers and the Health Care Reform Act – What it Means to Americans


President Barack Obama signed the bill for Health Care Reform on March 23, 2010. The bill will not only change the way Americans pay for health care, but also how they pay for insurance and utilize America’s health brokers. There may be a lot of information that is unclear to the average American about the Health Care Reform Act, but there is one clear message: Everyone in the United States will have health insurance. It will mandate that nearly every citizen acquire “minimal essential coverage” for both the individual as well as dependents thereof. They can either obtain employee insurance through the workplace or through other avenues that will be made available through America’s health brokers.

“Other” avenues

For those who are self-employed, unemployed or work for an employer who does not offer health insurance, they will be required, by the year 2014, to have some form of healthcare. If not, there may be a tax penalty assessed. The proposal that is currently up for vote is a state to state exchange in which the government will assist in the setup. The exchange will be funded by the government to offer medical plans within each state. If the state does not create the exchange, then the government has the right to step in and open one. Primarily, the exchange is a means to provide anyone who is not part of a large corporation an affordable health plan. This includes businesses of less than 100 people, those who are self-employed, those who are unemployed or those who are retired but not yet eligible for Medicare. Many of America’s health brokers will offer plans, but the most effective ones will be group health insurance plans. This means that a number of individuals can band together and purchase a health insurance plan for less than that of an individual.

Who benefits the most?

At this point, it is estimated that nearly 25 million individuals will likely shop affordable health coverage through the exchange. It is estimated that nearly 80% of these individuals will be eligible for financial aid. The Health Care Reform Act will benefit those who do not have healthcare plans, as well as those who are having a difficult time paying for their current health insurance. Also, America’s health brokers will benefit in the fact that many more Americans will be obtaining health coverage, and the difference of the balance that cannot be afforded will be paid by the government.

Many different countries have been working with a socialized health care plan for many years (France, England, Canada), and it has been a very successful means of providing healthcare plan to the entire populace. Every citizen is granted the opportunity to receive the treatment that is necessary to live a fundamentally healthy life. It also relieves the stress that goes along with wondering how the health needs will be taken care of without an umbrella or assistance. Restructuring America’s health plan will not be an easy task, for there are many issues that need care and attention. There is not an ideal means of resolving an issue of such a grand scale, but the Health Care Reform Act is certainly a step in the right direction in the terms of providing a health medical plan for all Americans and allowing America’s health brokers to offer one.