Healthy Lifestyles For Everyone


Being healthy and wealthy is the ultimate goal and yet many find it difficult to achieve. It is indeed true that when we were young and energetic, we scarified our health to earn wealth and in the later days to use these accumulated wealth to recover the health situation that we have lost.

During younger days, our lifestyles were like working late nights, eating fast food and processed food day in day out, got ourselves drunk entirely during weekend with friends to reduce stress and frustration of working life. Then conveniently we forgot to exercise and choose to glue to the television set whenever at home.

Years passed and gradually we found that the body is lacking energy, even some organs start to give way and working pressure is piling like no one’s business. Yet we still continue to work the same way just because we need to pay the huge amount of bills that we have committed years ago to enjoy the better living standard if not a luxurious lifestyle. We only then realized that our health has deteriorated and need the fund to regain or improve to the healthy stage.

Nowadays the society’s mentality has shifted to realize the importance of having a healthy lifestyle to enjoy every living moment. This is obvious after seeing our parents or seniors that have gone through the unhealthy lifestyles and suffered during their golden years, that eventually ended with no wealth nor health.

I am keen to share my knowledge and experience of living a healthy lifestyles either it is physical fitness, spiritual or mental journey. It is important to always understand that we are not alone to accomplish this mission and in this informative world, we are able to have the society, friends and family members to support and remind each other of the importance to maintain this type of lifestyles.

There are many teachings and articles about healthy living and are with good living examples too. I believe there is always a fundamental concept and basic that we must keep up and follow through to achieve this goal in living a healthy lifestyles.