How Healthy Lifestyle Can Help Avoid Eye Floaters?


Eye floaters are small spec-like objects that are visible in the eyeball. They can be seen in different shapes like tiny spots, webs and flecks. They become more visible when you stare into any background full of light or even in the clear sky sometimes.

Though, this eye problem is generally seen in aged persons, but many young people today are also experiencing this problem caused by eye floaters. So, we cannot literally say that it occurs only with age, because it can happen with anyone anytime. Though the exact reason for the problem cannot be found, but the need for a healthy lifestyle cannot be more emphasized as a preventative measure.

A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet along with regular exercising and positive thinking. Balanced diet is one that includes the right proportions of vitamins, minerals and fiber content. It is important to include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetable and cut down on fatty foods, primarily because of the today’s lifestyle that result in obesity. Going to the gym or practicing aerobics, yoga and callanetics helps to keep the body healthy.

As part of following a healthy lifestyle it is necessary to quit smoking. Smoking brings a lot of toxins into the body and cuts your body immunity levels. This creates a problem in overall health which can in turn affect your eyes. It is necessary to take precautions to bring down stress and anxiety levels. Brain chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin become imbalanced when a person is stressed out and this can also result in eye floaters. Reduce stress through meditation techniques and take up activities that keep you mentally relaxed, such as gardening or playing video games and so on. Have adequate sleep everyday and drink a lot of water everyday. If you sleep well everyday, your eyes are rested as is the rest of your body.

Drinking pure water everyday can go a long way. Having five to six glasses of water on an empty stomach keeps the system clear and also enables better nutrition absorption, which in turn enables you to be healthier.