How Hormonal Imbalance Tests Can Help You Get Pregnant


Getting pregnant might be psychologically draining if the methods being implemented are not working. Some have resorted to various means and the recent method that women are now utilizing is the hormonal imbalance test. To deal with infertility, getting a hormone imbalance test can help the couple address the issue of childlessness and enjoy the benefits of hormone imbalance tests along the way as well.

Infertility Addressed

Based on the study conducted by the American Pregnancy Association, infertility is affecting approximately one out of every six couples. There are many reasons or causes why a certain couple struggles with infertility. One known cause is the hormonal imbalances. Seeking medical help is not a bad thing.

Hormonal imbalances are common among women and men. For those that are trying to conceive, hormonal imbalances prevent pregnancy from occurring. Hormonal imbalance in women may trigger ovulation problems and it affects the men as well, particularly in sperm production. It is undeniable that the condition is a challenging one, but couples should not lose hope because there are many medical treatments available today.

Progesterone imbalance

One of the hormonal imbalances detected in women and causes fertility issues is the progesterone imbalance. The progesterone is a hormone that aids in conception and pregnancy. If the levels of progesterone are not high, it affects the fertility stage of the women. It is basically shortening the length of the luteal phase. When we say luteal, it is the length of time between ovulation and the start of the menstrual period. A short luteal phase implies that the fertilized eggs would not properly be placed in the uterus and a miscarriage can occur anytime. Despite the condition, it is considered as one of the easiest hormonal imbalances to treat as of this day.

Get a Physical Exam

One of the means to address the problem of infertility is to get a complete physical exam. The physical exam would allow the doctor to run some tests and compare the result with the medical history. Also, it will confirm if a hormonal imbalance is a factor responsible for infertility.

Prolactin imbalance

Prolactin is the hormone known to control the production of breast milk. It is also responsible for triggering the hormones that initiate ovulation. It is also the hormone that allows the eggs to grow and mature properly. If the prolactin levels are not normal, getting pregnant might be difficult.

More details about Hormonal Imbalance

Knowing more about hormonal imbalance reduces the risk of disappointments and apprehensions in the long run. For couples, to accept the reality that hormonal imbalance affects fertility is the road to healing and positive outcomes. Also, it is important to know the benefits of hormone imbalance tests so that couples are aware of its role and the probability of dealing with these conditions in an effective way.

If the hormone level is not corrected, the essential hormones that work together to enhance fertility are also affected. This is precisely the reason why couples should undergo the hormone imbalance tests so infertility is prevented. Assurance, comfort and the confidence are among benefits of hormone imbalance tests.

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