Lifestyle Blocks For Sale – Interested in Rural Living?


Lifestyle blocks or farmlets for sale in New Zealand are a popular investment choice for many New Zealanders. This form of property investment is appealing to many New Zealanders for a variety of reasons. You may be interested in sustainable farming, growing a niche agricultural product, rearing a particular breed of stock or getting back to a simpler pace of living.

If you’re looking for a lifestyle block for sale in New Zealand, you need to consider a few different things to make sure that you find the best farmlet for your needs. A lifestyle block will give you the acreage that you need to sprawl out and create the home of your dreams, which will also cater to your recreational enjoyment and / or business initiatives. For example, you may be looking for a farmlet large enough to set up and manage an organic chicken farm from which you can make a living.

However, you can use these properties for whatever you want because the land is yours once you make the purchase. Basically, this is a type of property that is halfway between a hobby zoo and a fully functional farm, and can be a great choice for families all over New Zealand or those of us looking at a rural retirement option. If you grew up on a farm as a child it may be that you have always had a strong desire to get back to the land.

New Zealand real estate agents and agencies have plenty of listings to choose from when you’re looking for a lifestyle block for sale. You will simply need to narrow down the location that you are looking to live in, which you may base on climate, soil growing conditions, average level of rain fall or terrain. Once this stage is complete, browse through what’s available to see which farmlets are available in your desired region.

The actual criteria that you use to choose the perfect property is up to you, but will consist of a few common ideas:

– Price is always going to be a concern. You obviously cannot buy a home that is more than you can afford. The cost of a lifestyle block for sale should not be your only concern, but it should be one of them. It is important to factor in other costs associated with small scale farming as well such as: harrowing of paddocks, buying of maize and silage for stock plus costs like fertiliser and vet bills.

– Size, features, and amenities are going to be something else to think about. You will definitely need to ensure that you choose a property that is as big as you want and that has the features that you are looking for. Consider factors such shed size, ease of access to paddocks, and shelter for animals offered by hedges and trees.

– Location, as mentioned above this may be based on what you want to use the property for. You may want to look for rural real estate for sale near towns and cities so that you can have the best of both worlds. Location to family and friends may also be deciding factor.

Looking for a lifestyle block for sale in New Zealand can prove to be a challenging experience, especially so when you are new to the world of rural real estate. You simply need to take the time to check out every property that is within your price range or chosen location and choose the right one for your specific needs.

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