Losing Weight is a Lifestyle Choice


Have you ever tried to lose weight? Did you temporarily succeed only to put it back on and end up worse than when you started? Well the unfortunate fact is that this happens to most people in the same situation. Why? Because their mindset is wrong!

When most people want to lose weight they will look for the easiest solution. Of course there are many fast ways to lose weight however there is only one way that allows fast and successful weight loss and will allow you to keep the weight off. And it all starts when you change your mindset. You must realise that, only by making lifestyle changes and decisions that are health conscious will you ever achieve successful weight loss that will also produce quick results.

First let’s take a look at the quick fix weight loss solutions. These are your typical methods that people will use to lose weight. The most common would be going on a diet, taking a course of weight loss pills or even opting in for surgery. You must be aware that all of these methods are not going to provide long term results as they are not focusing on the cause of your overweight problem, they are simply fixing its effects on your body. Of course you cannot stay on a crazy diet plan or weight loss pills for the rest of your life and the problem with some of these methods is that they produce their weight loss by reducing your water and muscle mass. However when you are trying to lose weight you want to remove excess fat and other unwanted waste and junk from your body, not your precious water and muscle mass. And even with the surgery option such as liposuction, if you still continue to live the same lifestyle after the operation or your dieting plan your body will only start to replace the fat that has been removed and will put you right back where you started.

The only way you will ever truly succeed at losing weight forever is if you step back and take a long hard look at your lifestyle and your habits and make some changes. You need to determine:

1. What types of food and drinks you consume and how often?
2. What sort of physical activities you perform in your life and how often?
3. And are you getting the correct amount of sleep each day that your body needs without being too lazy?

All of these factors contribute to your physical health, the condition of your body and your weight. And only by changing your lifestyle to produce the right balance for your body will you be able to control your weight and keep it maintained for the rest of your life. Your body needs proper nutrition from all food groups in moderation and at regular intervals throughout the day. By increasing your activity to a suitable level you can increase your fat burning levels in your body and by getting the recommended 7-9 hours sleep everyday your body will be kept in balance.

In fact there has been some very interesting research that has shown it only takes a month or less to change or develop simple lifestyle habits. What makes it even more remarkable is that the amount of exercise and changes to ones eating habits are not as dramatic as everyone expects. In fact there are many fat loss programs available today that provide easy to follow guidelines that are adaptable to everyone’s lifestyle.

The very surprising thing is that most people fear change. They are in fact scarred of the unknown even if they have been told what to expect. They would much rather continue with their own actions as they are comfortable with the results they are living with. However by simply altering their mindset to allow them to change their lifestyle habits they will soon find that they will never go back.

And that is the ideal goal, to be in a happier healthier body that does not wish to go back to the overweight and medically challenged state it is in at the moment.