Men, Style and Reading Glasses?

Mens Style

If your morning paper is getting difficult to read, maybe it’s time to consider a pair of reading glasses. Sure, reading glasses might belie your age. After all, you don’t see many 20-somethings sporting a pair, right? However, women are attracted to older, distinguished-looking men – just ask Harrison Ford or Sean Connery. Those new glasses might open up a whole new dimension in style and sophistication.

Style Limits

Men do not have many options when it comes to changing their look. Hair is usually acceptable only to a certain length, and style variations aren’t all that varied at all. If you wear a suit to work every day, your main choice of the morning is whether to go navy blue, brown, or black. Unlike women, who can achieve a whole new look with a few makeup tricks or a range of dress styles, men are stuck in a style rut… until you add a pair of reading glasses to the mix. By simply alternating reading glasses every day, you can change your look and your image.

For example, go funky with a pair of tortoiseshell glasses with an unpredictable accent color – orange or yellow are good choices. For sheer elegance, pick a pair in basic black with a rectangular frame that exudes sophistication. Want to flaunt your manliness? A pair of shiny silver aviator frames might do the trick. No matter what your mood might be, you can find a pair of reading glasses to match your image and your style.

Finding a Good Fit

The key to looking good in your reading glasses is finding a frame shape that matches your size, shape and style. For example, larger men carry a bigger, bolder frame, while smaller faces manage the John Lennon circles with finesse. You can have a pair in cool metal for work, and a wilder pair for weekends. Just imagine the fun you will have reading your Sunday edition of the New York Times in a pair of lime green plastic frames.

Men who are hard on their glasses might opt for heavy duty (though lightweight) titanium for their frame material. Men who prefer a modern style might like a rimless or semi-rimless design. Acetate or plastic are the best choices for fun because the materials offer the widest range of colors and patterns.

You also want to make sure your reading glasses are comfortable to wear. Choose a frame that is wide enough for your face with a comfortable bridge (nose piece) and a sufficient temple length.