Microwave – New Age Cooking


The microwave is the most user friendly machine in the kitchen that has been invented. Using a microwave helps to dispense the need to use other kitchen aids which most of us would not have even bothered to use. The microwave does the functions of most of these other kitchen tools. What you will find in many homes is that the microwave is being used to defrost cold meat straight from the freezer or to warm up coffee or to merely pop corn. Most people fail to realize that a microwave has more uses than this.

Now that you have decided to try your hand at microwave cooking it is better that you are knowledgeable about microwave ovens. Not all microwave ovens are made the same. Each has a different wattage and their quality also differs. The microwaves which come cheap and are available at discount stores will not be of much help when it comes to heavy cooking like preparing full meals for the family. They can instead be used to make simple side dishes which can be also exotic. Any microwave that gets your Thanksgiving turkey turned out in the perfect brown color is considered perfect.

Microwave cooking is not for the faint hearted who are afraid to experiment and who are not ready to make mistakes while cooking. Here in microwave cooking though it is partly science where microwaves waves are used for cooking, it is also a great way to learn to cook. You can check out on the many recipes that are available on the internet. This will help you to determine how much time and what wattage are needed to be used to make the different meals. When you take up microwave cooking you should be prepared to learn from through the trail and error method to turn out the perfect dish. But if you use the recipe book which is provided with the microwave oven then you can turn out perfect dishes using the recipes in it.

People who have been using the microwave have discovered that it is the most ideal way to cook meals especially for large families as it helps save on expenses. The time taken to cook for a single person would be same as that for a large family. College student can easily prepare simple nutritious dishes using the microwave and thus save on expenses of eating outside.

Microwave cooking also entails that you will have far less spills to clean up after you finish your cooking. This is possible by using plates that can be removed and dish washed or by having the food covered so that nothing gets spilled while cooking is going on. No more cleaning all the mess on stove tops.

Microwave cooking is very popular among people today and proof of this can be found from the many accessories that are available in the stores these days. If you pay a visit to any store selling kitchen accessories, you will find that there are trays for baking bacon and for making omelets too. This many products have microwave cooking all simpler.

If you have been using your microwave only to melt butter or to warm up pizzas then be assured that you have failed to utilize your microwave fully. Start looking up recipes in the internet that will help you to turn out exquisite dishes that will baffle your family and friends. They will be praising your cooking skills thinking how much time you would have spent toiling on hot kitchen stoves when you would have hardly spent just checking on your dishes being cooked in your microwave.