Mindset Determines Lifestyle


Have you ever wanted to achieve something so much that you focused all of your energy into it, ultimately reshaping your lifestyle? This could be to achieve a sports goal, or a business start-up or even working towards some thing, such as a house or a specific car. In any case, you subconsciously shifted your mindset in order to achieve that dream or goal. Over the last couple of years, I have set very large goals for myself, some of which I did not think would happen. But through hard work, determination, and maybe that subconscious mental shift, I was able to attain them. It is from achieving these goals that I have concluded that mindset is what will ultimately determine lifestyle.

Mindset Determines Lifestyle

What do I mean by that? Everything that you choose to do, think, or act upon starts in your mind. Your mindset, how you think about things, ends up shaping the environment around you, the people you interact with, etc. And this will then create your lifestyle. A lifestyle can be whatever you want it to be. For example, a lifestyle could be a road warrior, someone who travels constantly for work.

One of my major goals is to travel the world doing business. This goal was set when I began studying international business in college. I have since had the opportunity to work on projects across many countries including the U.A.E., Egypt, China, Morocco, Turkey, and the Ukraine. Through those experiences I gained a lot of insight and am now traveling on a continuous basis. While a conscious goal, it has been working in the background for a couple years. It is a lifestyle that I am continuously shaping by envisioning how I want it to be, and what I want to experience from it.

Mindset Determines Business

I strongly believe that the mindset of the business owners directly influences the outcome of the business. That is why it is so crucial to have a clear business identity, brand, and message. If the owners don’t believe in the message, most likely their employees and clients will not either. Focusing on how the business will look and feel, and how it will interact with consumers and clients will help to set the stage for further detailing. But in order for a strong successful brand and business model to take off and become bigger than the owners envisioned, it has to be seen in the mind.