Nutrition and Its Importance In Creating That Ripped Physique

Mens Nutrition

When it comes to men’s nutrition for body building one of the most important food sources are proteins, you will gain little muscle mass without sufficient levels of proteins in your system.

Most body builders use supplements as way of increasing their overall intake of proteins because it is very hard to get sufficient amounts of proteins from food sources alone. However, supplements will be of no benefit without also consuming proteins found in natural food sources.

There are many foods, which offer the right kind of proteins needed to fuel muscle growth and development but some are better than others. When looking for good sources of natural proteins you need to ensure you eat foods that offer you the best value.

Here are six high protein muscle-building foods:

Cashew and Almond Nuts – Not only are cashew and almond nuts very tasty but they also provide a great source of high quality calories, they kind that don’t add unwanted fat.

Cashew and Almonds nut will offer a good mixture of not only proteins but also fiber and fats.

Chicken – Chicken has always been a popular choice with body builders, Chicken skin although tasty when crispy should be avoided at all costs, as it contains high levels of fat and cholesterol.

Chicken provides the best nutritional value when skinless.

When consumed without the skin chicken contains about 25% protein and if included as part of your daily protein intake, you should eat anywhere from between 150 – 300 grams, depending on your body weight, and workout schedule.