Prostatitis; Symptoms, Cause Of Pain And Treatment


While this should be fairly obvious, it should still be mentioned. It is important that you visit your doctor if you are having any kind of health issue because it is always easier to treat it earlier than later. This especially applies to men who refuse to admit to having a problem, for example, if you are having prostate pain, then you should get it checked. That is not something to be embarrassed about.

What is prostatitis?

Prostatitis is an infection or swelling of your prostate gland, which usually causes pain. Your prostate gland is located below the man’s bladder and it is a part of the fluid of your semen. The size of the prostate in younger men is about the size of a walnut and it usually grows while you grow.

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What is the cause and symptoms of prostatitis?

Usually, prostatitis is caused by bacteria, but other times the cause remains unknown. The symptoms of chronic prostatitis are frequently mild and they begin to develop slowly over few weeks or months. They include:

–    Often urination or less than the usual amount.

–    Burning pain when you urinate

–    Waking up at night to urinate often

–    Starting the urine stream is rather difficult and it goes in waves rather than a steady stream.

–    Urine flow is weaker than normal, and it starts dribbling after urination.

–    A feeling of not being able to completely empty your bladder

–    Lower back pain, lower belly or upper tights pain, pain in the area between the anus and testicles or above the pubic area. The pain might get worse during bowel movement.

–    Pain in the tip of the penis

–    Some pain after or during ejaculation

The symptoms of acute prostatitis are the same, but still a bit different. They are the same but they appear quicker and from the beginning they are severe. In addition, sometimes you might get chills or become feverish. On the other hand, some men may not even have any symptoms.

How is it treated?

Prostatitis that is caused by bacteria will be treated with an antibiotic and usually self-care. There are some home remedies that include drinking a lot of fluids and taking rest. Some over-the-counter pain relievers will surely help you out as well.

It is always better to treat it on time than to wait and allow pain to get worse

Some doctors prescribe medicines that control pain and reduce the swelling, together with medicines that will help you relax your bladder muscles and soften your stool. But do not worry, surgery is almost never needed when it comes to treating prostatitis.


While it is highly unlikely that you will need surgery, it is still possible if chronic bacterial prostatitis does not respond to the long-term antibiotics that your doctor has prescribed. Surgery is usually done to remove a part of the prostate or to simply remove the infected prostatitis calculi. However, this does not always cure the infection, it can make things even worse than they already were.

Final word

If you want to take care of your gut health and mental health, you should have your own doctor who already knows your medical history. This is usually why people choose their own doctors, since then when you feel like there is something wrong, you do not always have to tell your story.