Slim Fit Dress Shirts – For the Right Fit


Many men with different body sizes order slim fit dress shirts, which all too often do not fit exactly right. For instance, a tall man with a slender frame and very long arms may have issues with the standard or slim fit off the rack shirts in that the arms are not long enough or the shirt looks puffy around the waist or the chest. Unfortunately, off the rack shirts, even the most expensive sorts are designed with some medium body size in mind that no one really ever fits.

The obvious answer is a tailored dress shirt. Although tailored custom shirts have been traditionally, the province of those who could afford the exorbitant prices a tailor charges it is no longer exclusive to those elite. Ordering tailored shirts online is a relatively new solution to the age-old problem of dress-shirts that do not fit or cost an arm and a leg.

The first question is how it works, and how ordering slim fit dress shirts online can help the man struggling with off the rack shirts that do not fit them as they hoped.

Slim fit shirts add only a minimal amount to the body measurements to allow for movement. While a regular fit dress-shirt might add 3-4″ to the chest measurements, and a loose fit shirt might add 4-7″ to the chest the slim fit adds only 2-3″. Moreover custom fitted shirts are measured in every detail including the waist size (eliminating that billowy look around the waist) the cuff and the shoulder breadth as well as the traditional off the rack measurements. This eliminates the poor fits that many men experience with off the rack shirts even those of the highest quality and most well-known names.

For a man with long arms and a slender waist or regular length arms and a set of broad shoulders and very narrow waist, the problem has always been that if the neck and arms fit them, the waist or the chest is too small or large even with slim fit shirts off the rack.

Compound that problem with dress-shirts that offer you only a single type of cuff, or a single type of collar, or only one fabric, and you have a shirt that is expensive, does not fit well and does not suit your tastes.

Slim fit dress shirts are measured for the man instead of the man trying to fit the shirt and that includes the fabric it is made of, the type of collar chosen to suit the man’s style and yes even if the dress shirt has a monogram. Obviously, every detail of slim fitted dress shirts is suited to one person. Though a custom tailored shirt made for you will not fit the next man, it will fit you to perfection.

If you are struggling with dress shirts that feel like tents because you don’t have the imaginary body type deemed regular by designers, slim fit dress shirts custom made to your exact measurements can be an affordable answer for that perfect fit.