A Look at Some Common Misconceptions Related to Nutritional Supplements

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Nutritional supplements, as the phrase suggests, are substances that bolster the health and fitness of your body by providing specific nutrients in concentrated forms. And just as a dirty patch on your car will become clean under water at high pressure, your nutritional deficiencies will be taken care of by these supplements to ensure you remain fit and healthy.

However, there are many misconceptions surrounding these supplements. Let us take a look at some such misconceptions:

o Supplements are addictive – Such a statement misses the whole point. We are not feeding something extra to the body. We are simply ensuring there is no deficiency of any nutrient. The question of addiction does not arise at all.

o Supplements are suitable only for sportsmen – Sportsmen and athletes have high requirements for specific nutrients. Hence, they often opt for supplements. You, too, do not need supplements if you are certain that your diet contains all the nutrients you need.

However, the truth is that our body is starved of nutrients due to our stressful life and preference towards junk food. Hence, even ordinary individuals need suitable supplements for their body.

o Supplements are harmful for pregnant women – A pregnant woman has special nutritional requirements because of the fact that she is carrying a baby. Further, the risk of any foodstuff should be measured from the baby’s point of view as well.

This concern is not restricted to supplements alone. If the supplement is good for her health, there should be no other second thoughts about it. Just have a word with your doctor before taking a decision.