Taste of Home Cooking – Learn The Art Of Cooking, From Home


Are you looking for a school that will teach you the basics of home cooking? North America, which has a rich culture of home cooking, is the best place for you.

On the other hand, home cooking might mean something different for different people. If you are a Greek, African, Italian, or Japanese, your idea of home cooking will be totally different. It will have nothing to do with North American home cooking that comprises Rice Krispie squares and meatloaves.

You could find a home cooking institute that specialises in the food you were brought up on. If you look for one such institute on the Internet, you will find any number of institutions specializing in a variety of cuisines.

Taste of Home Cooking School

“Taste of Home Cooking” is a popular home cooking magazine that focuses on the cuisine of the fifties. Though simple, the recipes that this magazine features are absolutely mouth-watering. The magazine is a hot favorite of Baby boomers, who are always eager to recapture the delicacies of their childhood days.

Due to the popularity of home-cooked food, the magazine has established a “Taste of Home Cooking School.” It is an institution with a difference. Its team of culinary experts travels to different parts of the country to educate its students. The team visits more than 250 communities in the United States, annually.

Taste of Home Cooking School gives classes of one-and-a-half hours to three hours duration during the day or in the evening. Its students learn a variety of culinary techniques, right from the preparation of simple meals that require 30 minutes of cooking time to complicated non-vegetarian delicacies that need a lot of time. The lessons include time-tested recipes, and the curriculum includes every aspect of cooking such as grilling, seasoning, and preparing vegetables for future use.

It is very easy to join Taste of Home Cooking School. You do not have to take the trouble of passing an entrance examination. Instead, you simply have to purchase a ticket for one of its events in any city of your choice, during the day or in the evening. The ticket fee is reasonable and comes with a freebie, a bag full of coupons and recipes.

If you make a decision to participate in these events at the last minute, you could try purchasing the ticket at the venue. However, these classes are immensely popular and tickets may not be available.

Other Home Cooking Schools

Capital Culinary Institute, affiliated to Keiser University, based in the Tallahassee, Florida, is a comprehensive home cooking school. Its curriculum includes each and every aspect of cooking, from the basics to a wide variety of ethnic foods.

The Le Cordon Bleu programs can be found in 11 American states. They are an excellent source of a variety of tastes. It is a highly reputed institution, designed according to its parent institution in Paris. It also covers every culinary aspect from the basics to safety to decoration of cakes.

As you see, irrespective of your ethnic background and your personal taste, you are bound to find a home cooking institute presenting recipes that are not only mouth watering, but will also arouse in you sweet memories of childhood delicacies.