The great outdoors is a great place to exercise


Do you go to the gym for your exercise routine? You may need to change your scenery and get outside more often. There are plenty of incentives to get you moving outside.

Research shows that outdoor exercise has health benefits that are not possible to duplicate indoors. One of the most important benefits is an increase in positive emotions. For example, one study found that exercising outdoors can improve your mood and make you feel more energetic. One study found that even five minutes of exercise outdoors can increase self-esteem, especially if it’s near water or greenery.

Move your workouts outside to get the best of both worlds.

Connect with the natural world. It’s one the greatest perks of outdoor exercise. This is how it works: Are you more likely to exercise in a gym with a lot of people or in a park on a treadmill?

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You can save money. A gym membership is not necessary. All of us can enjoy the outdoors.

Potentially, you could burn more calories. A strong headwind can make it easier to burn calories while you are out on a run or bike ride. To overcome wind resistance, you will need to work harder.

Enjoy the outdoors!

Instead of staying inside, go for a walk alone or with a friend to get out of your head. You can exercise your muscles by biking on the local street, walking one lap, and running another at the nearby school track.

You can also go for a stroll in the woods, meadows or along a river at a park. Check to see if there is an exercise bootcamp, a yoga class, or exercise equipment at a nearby park. Many parks do now.

Exercise can be made family-friendly. You can exercise with your grandchild or child, or go on a nature walk together. Everyone deserves to have fun outside.