The Latest Technology in Immediate Tooth Implants can be a reason to smile

Tooth Implants

Modern advances in Immediate Tooth Implants offer patients a reason to smile!

Healthy teeth not only promote good oral hygiene, but they are a social asset as well. No matter your age, missing teeth can make eating difficult and life in Immediate Tooth Implants general more challenging.

The growing need for dental implants is evidence of this trend. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), over 30 million Americans are missing one or both teeth in either jaw. In 2010, three million Americans received implants, and this number is projected to increase by 500,000 each year thereafter.

Tooth Implants have been a longstanding trend. Regular implants take some time to place, typically lasting anywhere from six months to a year depending on the number of implants needed and patient condition.

Technology is continually developing. New solutions to missing teeth have become possible thanks to advances such as 3D radiographic imaging scans and soft tissue transplantation.

  • All-on-4 Implants: Though this technology has been available for some time, it’s still relatively new. An anchor is inserted in the jawbone to connect dentures to four implants in just one day! Since these materials are soft and flexible, you can get a complete mouth made up of all-on-4 implants in no time at all. Food items can then be consumed normally after that has been completed.
  • Mini Tooth Implants: mini-Tooth implants, roughly the same size as a toothpick, can be used in places regular implants cannot go. Because they don’t need screws or strong bones for grafting, they make sense for older adults; and while they can usually be completed within an hour or two, soft foods must still be consumed for several days prior to placement.
  • Immediate Tooth Implants: For those with limited time, immediate tooth implants offer the most convenience as nearly everything can be completed in just one visit. You could eat out that same night too! But be aware that since new teeth are being used before their bone has grown around them, potential issues may arise. With instant dental implants, many patients have reported no issues whatsoever.
  • Regular Tooth Implants: This method is the oldest and slowest. To be successful, your jawbone must be wide and strong so that only a few full-size screws can be fitted simultaneously to the jawbone. Implanting more than two or three teeth implants could require multiple appointments for placement. On average, it takes 3 to 6 months for bone to develop around a screw in order for permanent crowns to replace temporary ones. However, the exact timing depends on each person’s mouth teeth, bone level and timeline. Although some treatments may be suitable for everyone, others are more efficient. Consult an oral surgeon or dentist before making any decisions as these procedures are expensive – one tooth implant could cost up to $2000 while a full mouth reconstruction could range in cost from $30,000 to $50,000.