The New Lifestyle Diet Vs Medifast – The Truth


As a former Medifast customer that switched to the New Lifestyle Diet, I have been asked by countless friends and family members why I made the switch. I have been more then happy to tell people

Furthermore, I have been reading articles on the Internet comparing the two programs and I felt that the truth was not being told. As a result, I’m writing this brief article to provide the facts and give a better understanding to those comparing the two programs.

Cost Comparison: If you compare both basic women’s 4 week programs, the New Lifestyle Diet runs $273 and the Medifast runs $299.50. However, the two programs are very different in what is actually provided. For example, the New Lifestyle Diet 4 week program, includes 28 boxes/168 meals. While the Medifast 4 week program, only includes 20 boxes/143 meals. If you compare the two programs, you’ll find that Medifast is providing less product at a higher cost.

This equates to a per meal basis where Medifast Costs $14.98 per box. While, New Lifestyle Diet costs $9.75 per box. If you don’t actually take a moment and look at what Medifast is providing, the program prices seem very equal. But, when you look at the details of how many boxes you are actually getting, New Lifetyle Diet is clearly the better deal.

Auto-Shipping:To take advantage of some Medifast special pricing, Medifast provides customers with a VIP membership that includes auto-shipping. While some people might like their food automatically shipped to them every month, I prefer to order my food as I need it. Furthermore, on the Medifast 4 week program, they don’t allow you to customize your order, while New Lifestyle Diet provides full customization with every order.

Taste: Beyond the difference in price, the primary reason that I switched programs was because of taste. In my opinion, the New Lifestyle Diet provided a much richer, creamier taste, that truly had me looking forward to having my next shake. I could never say that when I was on Medifast and its the primary reason that I was able to stick with the diet and go on to lose over 85 pounds.