Tips for a Safer Emergency Room Visit when a Senior has Dementia


Assuming patients visiting hospitals would be safe can be misleading; dementia patients face particular risks when visiting for checkups at hospitals due to memory loss causing anxiety and agitation in new environments, or failing to possessing language skills needed to communicate their discomfort effectively.

As a caregiver, it is crucial that you follow these four guidelines when caring for someone with dementia in hospital.

You should prepare to explain about your loved one

When visiting a hospital with your loved ones, it’s essential that they be prepared to discuss dementia patients so that staff are easily able to manage the situation.

Make sure that someone with familiar needs should be in the room

Make sure an elderly person with dementia gets the help they require by making sure that their loved ones are aware of them and provide the needed care and protection in an unfamiliar location. Not only can specialists and healthcare providers communicate directly with one another, but their presence will help keep your elder safe in an unfamiliar setting.

Bring insurance card and medical document

Remembering what documents and devices to bring is sometimes forgotten when visiting the hospital, so make a list of everything you should bring with you before visiting. Start with past treatment records, medical history information including current medications as well as any devices such as walkers or hearing aids needed.

Make a note

Keep a record in your diary that details any note to or questions from patients about food consumption and activities they should avoid, or whatever has been instructed by their doctor.