Top Weight Loss For Men Diet Plan – Dr Oz Review

Men Diet

If you’re looking for the best men’s diet plan, a recent Dr Oz review by America’s celebrity dietitian, recently argued that by far the most effective diet plan for a man is threefold: diet, exercise and a natural fat burner.

Dr Oz suggests that men are extremely fortunate when it comes to shredding weight as a mans metabolism is that much faster than a women’s.

Due to having a larger muscle mass, this means an increased metabolic rate, therefore men burn fat in larger volumes and at at a quicker rate.

A man’s diet then doesn’t have to be dramatically altered as a balanced fat, carb and protein consumption shouldn’t contribute to weight gain.

Doctors agree, that by just by eliminating fast foods and beer, the two most popular high calorie past times for men, this will be sufficient enough to stop the increase in weight gain.

Exercise though is essential as just by sitting there watching the sport won’t shred those pounds.

Cardiovascular exercise is often conceived as the quickest way to lose weight, but its actually strength training that burns the fat much faster.

By applying an intense workout to the muscles, a mans body continues to burn the fat for a considerably longer time, where as aerobic exercise such as a jog or a swim, whilst extremely healthy for the body, will not continue to process body fat once finished.

This is why fat burners are therefore argued to assist strength training the most effectively.

Fat burners help increase the rate and volume at which your body burns of excess fat and by restricting your fat intake and coupled with strength training, this is by far the most effective way for men to lose fat quick, especially around the belly, as Dr Oz suggests.

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