What Are The Benefits Of DNA Testing?


When “genetic testing” is mentioned, the first thought in the average man’s mind is a clone. Sometimes, a robot. If that is the case, then that person is reading lots of science fiction. DNA testing is quite beneficial in the medical field for decades now. It has also been a huge player in legal fields and law enforcement. Due to the increasing and fast dramatic advancement that has taken place recently, the value of DNA tests has also increased. Due to the need to take this, consumers can easily access and afford it and even secure the results.

Benefits Of DNA Testing

There are lots of benefits to DNA testing. Testing common genetic variations or even the simple changes in one’s DNA can reflect on one’s DNA test. It can also include the health conditions of the individual. How tolerant the person is to certain medications and his predisposition to specific health problems like cancer, heart disease and diabetes can also be uncovered.

Once the sequencing is revealed, new information on one’s genetics can be understood easily which can provide potential new therapies for the individual. By being aware of the diseases and how his body reacts to these, the individual will have an elevated knowledge on how to prevent his from getting worse. He should visit the doctor more frequently for regular screenings and check ups and also choose a prescription drug that goes well with his metabolism. He must also alter his exercise plan and his diet.

In line with medical benefits, there are those who think that the increase in DNA tests and widespread sequencing can result to new connections amidst various groups of people. People who share the same genes, variants and mutations can contact one another and share their experiences.

Risks Of DNA Testing

Unfortunately, there are also risks to DNA tests. There’s a potential for unintended consequences and possibility for one to be harmed. Altering how one thinks regarding personal, cultural and biological issues can also be affected

Personal sequencing impacts the concept of personal privacy as long as technology allows possible exposure for one’s unique DNA. Even databases that store personal sequences have to protect the information from the public. DNA can easily be discarded on a coffee cup and once obtained can easily reveal the person’s characteristics which include his race, facial structure, height and as mentioned earlier, his proneness to various disease. This also has a vast implication on criminal law because this increases the availability and accessibility of DNA tests to the public.

The value of DNA tests can also be affected because of the fear of genetic discrimination. This may affect the individual’s ability to look for employment or obtain insurance. Clearly, as beneficial as DNA tests can be, there are still issues that are enormous and often argued and discussed. Therefore, it is better to just take a step back and look at the bigger picture before we even go any further than where we already are. Let’s be conscious of the risks and who will lose the most and gain the most here. We must also be concerned with where the line must be drawn.

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