Liquid Vitamin Supplements Vs. Chewable Vitamin Supplements – Which Is Better?


Vitamin supplements are a good idea for everyone regardless if you are getting plenty of vitamins. The question is which supplement is better, liquid vitamin supplements or chewable vitamin supplements?

Before we get into the battle of liquid vitamin supplements vs. chewable vitamin supplements lets take a look at a brief history of vitamin supplementation in America.

I bet you did not know that 40% of America is taking a multi-vitamin or vitamin supplement. If you are one of the 40% I bet you did not know that 90% of the vitamins nutrients are not actually being absorbed into your body making them either useless or ineffective for their intended therapeutic purpose.

Vitamin supplements are so popular in American society because of are fast paced lifestyles we are unable to consume the proper amount of vitamins and minerals in our meals. Vitamin supplements not only give us the vitamins and minerals we need but they also help to compensate for our high stress and high anxiety lifestyles.

So, which do you choose, liquid vitamin supplements or chewable vitamin supplements? You should choose the liquid vitamins because they are more effective in the human body. The liquid nature of the vitamin supplement makes it easier to digest and also makes it more readily absorbed by the digestive tract. This is better compared to the chewable form because the chewable will pass through the body undigested and unused.

The vitamin supplement is much better because the body needs to not work as much to break the vitamins and minerals down as they would in a chewable form, which allows for much quicker absorption and also allows the body to distribute the nutrients to the different areas of the body easier.

With a chewable pill the majority of the nutrients in the pill are not broken down in the digestive tract because of the dense nature of the vitamins, which means that the majority of the nutrients in the pill pass through the parts of the body where the nutrients are collected, rendering them useless.

Americans love vitamin supplements such as liquid vitamin supplements and chewable vitamin supplements because our busy lives give us no time to sit down and eat a proper meal. We are unable to get the proper nutrients are body needs because we are always on the go so the perfect solution is the vitamin. So, next time you reach for the vitamin supplement you need make sure it is a liquid vitamin supplement and not a chewable vitamin supplement.