Who Wants To Create A Healthy Lifestyle?


Creating a healthy lifestyle is about consistently incorporating exercise and eating healthy into your daily life. I believe that this can be one of the best ways to start improving your life. Being healthy and feeling good can be a major factor in helping you get the most out of life.

Our health is something that most of us take for granted until it is taken away from us. For example: an injury, illness, pain, disease, or some other catastrophe that affects our health etc… When this happens, we realize how good it was to be in good health. The only problem is that it is in the past.

I want to give you a perspective on past and future. The past is gone and there is nothing we can do to change it. Now the future is unwritten and can be determined by the choices that we make right now. This is important for creating a new healthy lifestyle because the choices you are making today are going to determine where you are going to be tomorrow.

Think of the choices you make today as being positive or negative as far as your health is concerned. If you are making choices to eat unhealthy foods (high calorie, high sodium, fatty foods) and choosing to watch television instead of exercising like you planned, and you are doing this on a consistent basis, you are possibly affecting you future health in a negative way. One the other hand, if you are consistently making choices to eat healthy foods and be active and exercise, you are positively effecting your future life!

I would also like to encourage you to focus on the positive side of creating a healthy lifestyle change. Staying positive is a very important to your success. Now I understand that bad things can happen to good people. I want to point out that this way of thinking is focusing on the negative. Focusing on the positive side, you will be thinking about all the benefits that can be gained by your choices. There are certain things in life that we have no control over, and it is unfortunate when these things happen. However, we do have control of certain choices and I would like to encourage you to make choices that will help you have the best life ever.

Be aware of your choices, chose the one that will help you get to your goal, and stay positive.

Chris Chouteau is a fitness expert who specializes in teaching and motivating his clients to incorporate health and fitness into their lives. A competitive cyclist and fitness enthusiast, Chris’ expertise includes everything from weight-training and cardiovascular health to yoga, pilates and stretching. Chris has incorporated balanced workouts and optimal nutrition into his own lifestyle since he was a teenager.