Why does my lower back hurt when I cough?


Lower back pain caused by coughing

Chronic coughing can sometimes cause back pain. Chronic coughing can cause back pain and make the spine contract more than usual. If your coughing isn’t persistent, it is more likely that you have a problem with your back.

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There are many reasons for lower back pain. The most common causes of lower back pain are:

  • Disk herniated. The cushions between your spine’s bones are called disks. When the hard part pushes against the soft part of the disk, it is called a herniated or ruptured disk.
  • Muscle strain. Strains can cause damage to a muscle or tendon. The tendon or muscle in the back can become pulled, torn or twisted.
  • Muscle sprain. The ligaments connecting bones at a joint are affected by a sprain. The ligaments can become stretched or torn by a sprain.
  • Muscle spasm. When a muscle is unable to relax after contracting, it can cause spasms or cramps. Spasms can last from seconds to more than 15 minutes. Sometimes you can feel the muscle twitch. Sometimes, the muscle may look or feel different from normal.

Lower back pain during coughing can be prevented

Instead of looking forward, keep your back straight when you cough. Your back will relax if you keep your shoulders down (think about them as being moved away from your ears).

When you cough, you can place your hand on a counter or table to help prevent your back from compressing.

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What to do if your lower back hurts?

There are many reasons you may experience lower back pain while you cough. Some problems are simple to fix while others may require medical attention. These are common causes of back pain, and some tips to find relief.

  • Replace your mattress

It may be time to replace your mattress if it is more than 5 to 7 years old. You can choose between a firmer or more supple mattress depending on what your back likes. Sagging or sagging at the center of your mattress can be a sign that it is old.

  • Stress relief

Stress can cause bodily stress, regardless of whether it is emotional or physical. Try to relax if the stress is due to the cough. You can reduce stress levels by doing breathing exercises, journaling and other forms self-care.

  • Sit with support

Sitting for extended periods of time is a common job requirement. You may feel a little hunched over your computer or another point of reference when you are sitting down. Move around and get up before your back hurts. Standing can be helpful, but so can a good ergonomic chair or work station.

Keep your back against the chair when you are seated. When you are seated at a desk, your arms should be bent at 75 to 90 degrees. Your feet should be flat on a hard surface. If your feet are too far away from the floor, you can use a footrest.

  • Shoes that are supportive

Your feet support your legs which in turn support your back. Uncomfortable shoes can strain your back. Look for shoes that provide proper support and arches. Also, ensure they fit correctly. Take a walk around the store to feel how the shoes feel. For cushion, check the soles.

  • Exercise properly

If you exercise incorrectly or too fast, you can cause overuse injuries. You can avoid excessive use by increasing your activity gradually and using the right gear and techniques.

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  • Get a better posture

Keep your head up and your eyes straight ahead when you are walking. Do not sag your shoulders. Take a step from heel to tip. You may also find exercises that can improve your posture.

Before you start exercising, warm up and hydrate.

Warm up and stretch before you begin any type of physical activity. Avoid exercising in extreme heat and drink plenty of fluids. You may feel a muscle spasm, which can cause pain in your back and neck, especially when you cough.

To avoid workplace injury, get properly trained

Some jobs require you to lift, bend, pull, or push a lot. If you are one of these people, you should get trained in how to do this safely and effectively. You might also consider how you can adjust the workstation to reduce strain or eliminate it.

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Manage previous back injury

You may be more at risk if you have had a back injury before. To keep your back healthy, you should consult your doctor. This could include learning about warning signs and performing special exercises.