Brisbane Boxing – Why Women Enjoy Fitness Boxing Or Boxercise in Brisbane


Boxing has grown in popularity in Brisbane due to the increase of boxing and kickboxing promotions or ‘fight nights’. Brisbane would only see a handful of fight nights per year, but now they are popping up at least once or twice a month, from a small gym scale such as Northside Boxings ‘fight night’ which has only started this month in June to the massive gold coast ‘Cage Fighting Championships’. These fight nights have obviously motivated a lot of people to try their hand at boxing, and surprisingly just as many women are getting into it as are men. But as with most things, the training wheels will come on first, so many are taking up fitness style boxing or ‘boxercise’ first.

Personal trainers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast have also had a significant impact on the rise of boxing style fitness and for a few reasons.

Firstly personal training is a popular occupation in Brisbane and there are many who are just getting there start in the industry, as a result many choose to start out as mobile outdoor personal trainers as it is more cost effective than setting up there own gym. Also for many living in Brisbane there is a big appeal for being outdoors. The weather here for most of the year is great for outdoor activitites, and Brisbane has many well kept local parks that mobile personal trainers take there clients for training sessions.

Boxing style fitness works great in this way because the equipment is very mobile. Just a set of focus pads, boxing gloves and skipping ropes with a few hand held weights is all it takes to be ready for a boxing workout.

As you can see personal trainers in Brisbane and their choice to train outside using an effective, mobile, results getting method that takes advantage of Brisbane’s fine weather has it’s part to play in the growing popularity for boxing style fitness. However the true reason for its growth in popularity is in its effectiveness to get results for clients.

So let me share with you why I think women in particular enjoy fitness boxing in Brisbane aka ‘Boxercise’.

Firstly let’s address something that is very specific to Brisbane which I have touched on earlier – the weather.

Many of us who live in Brisbane have a tendency to want to be outside. The weather is great and the layout of Brisbane is such that it is always inviting you to be outside. So naturally training outside is a good fit for most people who live here.

Yes you might be thinking ‘well why train for boxing outside?’ To be fair not all personal trainers decide to train outside, but those that do recognize the value of mobility, and fitness style boxing permits that, hence the reason so many use it outdoors.

In fact I have some stay at home Mum’s who would not train any other way as it gives them a good reason to be outside with the kids who go and play on the equipment while Mum gets to exercise.

Which brings me to my next point.

Boxercise is also a fun way to exercise that is definitely not boring, which is crucial for women starting out who tend to find the idea of exercise boring in itself. With Boxercise you are not stuck with ‘just lifting weights’ or running on a treadmill for miles on end, which tend to be the typical exercises most women are stuck with when in the gym.

Instead Boxercise keeps things entertaining and intense by using interval training that incorporates a variety of exercises including typical weights type exercises, body weight exercises, cardio and everyone’s favorite – heavy bag punching and focus pad combos.

This in fact is a key factor for why women in Brisbane enjoy boxing style fitness so much. Because believe it or not, a lot of women get a lot of stress relief from punching and just letting it all out. In my own experience I have seen some Mothers punch harder than younger men!

Boxercise has also proven to have incredible aerobic and strength benefits. And it makes sense because these are the qualities most successful boxers train for day in and day out. They must be fit enough to fight and fit enough to outlast their opponent.

So in a real world sense, if they don’t use what’s effective for them in their own training regime, fighters can expect to go home bruised, battered and trophy-less.

With good and effective Boxercise techniques and methods you will not only begin to lose weight but you will also be able to gain upper and lower body strength, strength in your core, improve your total body fitness and improve your stamina and overall body endurance level.

When training women in Brisbane I have noticed there upper body strength increase exponentially, to the point where in the beginning they could barely do push-ups on their knees to finally doing 10 full man push ups without any assistance. This is a great achievement for most women as they have a tendency to be much weaker in the upper body as compared to men. In fact the satisfaction for a woman to be able to do as many push-ups as their partner is truly satisfying. All those punches, presses and ‘man-maker’ exercises definitely pay dividends in the end.

Another benefit women in Brisbane enjoy is the relative short time investment. Women love the fact you don’t have to spend a lot of time working out with Boxercise – sure it can be incredibly intense but the short time investment of only 30 minute workouts, coupled with being able to achieve faster results, really gives Boxercise the edge over other similar combat style exercise regimes such as Thai-Bo.

Men have a tendency to want to train for at least an hour or more, women however have other concerns besides keeping fit such as taking care of the kids. Long workouts definitely do not work well in these circumstances.

In summary here are some of the benefits and advantages of Boxercise the women in Brisbane enjoy:

– Outdoors – Although not all boxing style fitness is performed outdoors, the appeal is certainly there for those that do, which is much easier to achieve with boxing style fitness than it is with traditional weight training methods.

– Qualified Personal Trainers – Brisbane personal trainers are professionally trained to exercise with this style of fitness

– Intensity And Quick Results – Almost like being in a pressure cooker! The intensity is so immense on your cardio-vascular system, your muscles and your will power that you can be rest assured your efforts will pay dividends in a slimmer waist and toned thighs in no time at all.

– Minimal Injuries – There is a tendency to push beyond your limits when working out in the gym. And although this mindset is encouraged, it can lead to injuries. Many of the exercises in Boxercise require this same mindset, but unlike training in the gym it is highly unlikely you will injure yourself because of it.

– Burning Off Calories – With Boxercise women are able to burn more calories than they thought possible, they are able to lose weight, shed off any excess or extra fat and remain lean and fit.

– Builds Will Power – It teaches women how to cope with challenges and obstacles in life and in sport by the simple act of getting through a very stamina orientated workout.

Although fitness style boxing is vastly appealing to women in Brisbane there is no reason for you not to try it if you live elsewhere, because as mentioned you do not have to train outside to enjoy the benefits of boxing style fitness, being outdoors is just a particular appeal to those who live in Brisbane.

But if you do live elsewhere I still highly recommend you go find a personal trainer or boxing gym wherever you live and book in for a boxing fitness style session today – you won’t regret it!