Diet Plans For Me – 2 Men Diets For Losing Weight, Gaining Muscle and Toning Up

Men Diet

Diet plans for men are not that different from those of women. They are the same except men are more interested in gaining more muscle than women who mostly want to lose weight and tone up. Men diets tend to focus on weight loss and gaining muscle at the same time. This is a good idea but not all diets can guide you to lose weight and gain muscle. Some men diets only focus on helping you lose weight. As a man who is overweight, you may want to gain some muscle or get some abs after you lose weight. What are these weight loss diet plans for men?

2 Diet Plans For Men

The first men diet plan is called Turbulence Training which has been around for a while now. Turbulence training is a workout program that involves a combination of resistance training , body weight exercises, and interval training that is used for metabolism so that your body burns calories and fat between workouts. This program has a diet generator to make sure you are on a healthy diet while you are working out to lose weight. This can be a perfect program for men who want to lose weight and gain serious muscle. Turbulence training weight loss program is also not friendly to everyone. The reason being it involves intense workouts that can overwhelm an individual who has never been to the gym. It is expensive too as you can end up spending almost hundred dollars for the deluxe edition. Turbulence training is more focused on working out than dieting, this can be a bad thing for men who want only diet or do simple exercises at home and while dieting.

Another men diet plan I really like is called Strip That Fat Diet. This program is the best if your goal to lose weight and gain muscle is through dieting. How can someone gain muscle by just dieting?, Eating the right diet that speeds up your metabolism to burn calories can help you lose weight and at the same time gain muscle. This program can work for any man and is user friendly. You don’t have to do intense workouts like those in turbulence training. It has a diet generator tool that can help you create your own diets.This guide cannot lead you into starvation. Strip that fat covers the importance of exercising to lose weight fast and it also recommends the right exercises to do when you are on a diet.You can lose weight with this diet while enjoying the most delicious foods from the diet menu. A men diet plan like this one best fits individuals who have never been to the gym, guys who want to lose weight by mostly dieting, those who don’t want to starve in order to lose some weight and they want to enjoy eating while losing weight. This program is affordable too compared to many diet programs that cost hundreds of dollars.Therefore, strip that fat program is the best men diet plan I recommend.

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