Triothin Mens Diet Pill – New Hoodia Gordonii Men Weight Loss Tab Review

Men Diet

Hoodia Gordonii has often been strictly targeted towards women who want to shape up, but this new men’s diet pill is suggested actually be more powerful than previous versions.

Doctors agree that for men wanting to lose weight they hold a strong advantage over women as their metabolism is that much higher. Due to an increased volume in muscle mass, this therefore means men burn fat that much faster.

This is why fat burners are more applicable as weight loss supplements as they help assist a mans metabolism by prolonging it and marginally increasing it.

So what does Triothin have to offer men which other fat burners don’t?

Well, its overall potential advantage is that it acts as a “fat burner” as well as a “fat binder” – something completely unique to the weight loss market for both men and women.

It derives its fat burning qualities from green tea and caffeine, not unlike most fat burners on the market. Green tea contains the ingredient EGCG which helps boost your metabolism – a well known fact in this market now.

Its “fat binding” ingredients however are derived from Chitosan, a chemical which binds to fat enzymes, restricting them from breaking down, whereby they pass out your body through your stool.

Alli is the most popular fat binder in the U.S but whilst Triothin claims to block less fat than Alli, it doesn’t deliver side effects such as bloating or diarrhea which Alli does.

Aside from combining these burning and binding abilities, Triothin includes the product P57. This is found in the Hoodia Gordonii plant which is said to assist in curbing food cravings – an appetite suppressant if you like.

For generations communities in the bush were known to take only this plant on long arduous arid journeys, and its this attribute which this product attempts to replicate.

It shouldn’t be forgotten however that green tea is also known to increase mental clarity, lower cholesterol and protect the skin from sun damage so these are notable qualities whatever unlike most fat burner’s.