Lena Menstrual Cup Review


The Lena Menstrual Cup Review has a great rating of users over different sites. It is not only a well-loved product but also an affordable as well as the cheaper choice than some of older once in the market. One thing about this cup is that it was made in the USA with the high-quality silicon. For ladies, it is really convenient to insert and remove because it contains on a medium nice level of stiffness. A few years ago this period cup was not well known not because it is a bad cup infect it came just a few years ago in the market. One of the most impressive things about this cup is that it is really popular among ladies and considering how new it is. From a few years because of its popularity, it has become the most selling period cup all over the world. You feel really comfortable while using this cup in your periods.

Good Thing about This Cup:

  • This cup is eco as well as the wallet-friendly you don’t need to spend a lot of money on this cup.
  • The tampons need to change in every 4 to 8 hours that will depend on your period’s flow but the Lena menstrual cup can stay longer so that’s why it is really good for the overnight protection.
  • It can hold the 1-ounce liquid easily
  • You can enjoy sex with your partner. The rubber and silicon menstrual cups must need to remove before intercourse but the soft ones are designed by keeping in mind the sex
  • This cup is safe and secure

Bad about This Cup:

  • It can become a cause of irritation for you
  • It can be sometimes really difficult to find the right fit
  • The removal of the cup can be embarrassing for you