Lifestyle Organizing – Guidelines


This is the 2nd article in the series Lifestyle Organizing. You will find a complete list of topics with links at the bottom of this article.

Today’s focus is on Guidelines; these help you get the most out of the process, Discovering You and Developing Your Organizing Plan. As with most things in life, there are “The Rules”, “The Policies”, “The Procedures”, and “The Directions”-well, these are “The Guidelines”.

As stated in the introduction to this series; Lifestyle Organizing is a progressive plan of organizing your mind, home, and life around who you are and the way you live or want to live.

My goal is to help organize and simplify your life – making it less hurried, less cluttered, and more peaceful. I will help you unscramble the pieces of your everyday life; putting back only what fits, in an organized way, so you can easily maintain your life.

With that said, I will give you 7 important guidelines that will be helpful as we navigate through the process of Lifestyle Organizing.

I will remind you of these guidelines and will explain how they play a part as we start in on the process of “Your Organized Life”. For now, just know and be aware of these guidelines.

1. Be Authentic

Be yourself and be real.

Make it personal.

Like yourself and accept who you are and who you are not.

Be honest about your life-strengths and shortcomings.

Don`t try and live up to “someone else`s” expectations.

2. Keep an Open Mind

Be Positive.

Give yourself permission to explore.

Be adventurous-experiment, take on challenges.

Be willing to consider new ideas/concepts.

Try or experiment with different ways or methods of doing things.

Think outside-the-box, brainstorm, problem solve, and be creative.

3. Make It Simple and Easy

If something seems like it has too many “steps” -it probably does.

If something seems too complicated-it probably is.

Remember: There is no “one size fits all” way of organizing.

4. Be Realistic

Things usually take longer than we think.

Pace yourself.

5. Learn to Say NO!

You can`t do everything/keep everything/be everything.

Analyze before saying yes.

6. Make It Fun

Enjoy the process-this is your life!

7. Reward Yourself

Set-up a reward system for yourself!


These guidelines are foundational ideas for the process. Through this series, I will develop these ideas and give you suggestions, tips, examples, and food for thought.

Next Week’s Topic

Discovering Your “Life” Style

Topics covered in this series:

I will leave you with this:

All of us are “A Work in Progress”. Don`t be fooled by those whom you think “have arrived” or “have it all together”. “They” haven’t, and “they” don’t, but “they” do have confidence and so should you!

You can do this and we can do it together!

Happy Organizing…

Candy Stuber, Owner of Live Unscrambled helps you simplify, organize, and enjoy your life with professional coaching and hands-on organizing services.