Sprinkler & Plumbing Fittings Made Easy For the Non Plumber


Push/fit fittings

The reason I say on my website and book that there has never been a better time to install your own sprinkler system is simple and for several reasons.

Most notably is the creation of push/fit fitting.

It has never been easier to tap into your copper piping with these fittings. You no longer have to cut the pipe, let the water drain, clean the pipe with an emery cloth, prep the pipe with an acidic paste(flux) and solder on fittings with a propane torch. If you have ever tried this with any amount of water left in the pipes, than you know how tricky this can be. Many would just hire a plumber to do this work. Enter the wonderful world of push/fit fittings!

Now you can cut the pipe and push on your fitting, to create a watertight seal. No tools needed! You can even install your fitting to copper pipe and install a plastic pipe like (Pex) to the same fitting to feed your sprinkler system, add another tap, etc.

These push/fit fitting go by many trade names with the most common being called SharkBite. This makes it extremely easy for homeowners with no plumbing knowledge to tap into existing plumbing without the worry of making mistakes with copper soldering.

The other push/fit fitting that is making huge leaps in the irrigation industry is called Blu-Lock. As described in my eBook these fittings make it even easier to attach sprinkler heads, tee into existing pipes, etc. Just like the previous section you just have to push the pipe into the fitting and “PRESTO” a watertight connection with no tools. Blu-Lock is now producing pipe and fittings in sizes 1/2″ – 3/4″ – 1″ so you can easily install your entire system with this pipe and push/fit fittings.

That is why I say: ” It has never been a better time to install your sprinkler system”