Why Natural Products Are Better For Your Skin


How many skincare products do you use? You may not know the exact number, but counting everything including soap, shampoo, facial cleansers, moisturizers, lotions, etc, it’s probably a much bigger one than you expect. Given this, you probably want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your money’s worth while keeping your skin as safe and healthy as possible. In order to help you achieve that, allow us to explain why natural products are much better for your skin.

They’re much gentler on your skin

A problem that most people have with conventional skin care products is that they’re just too harsh. They burn or sting when you apply them, and leave your skin red and irritated. Organic skin care products on the other hand are much milder, and will agree with sensitive skin much better than an inorganic one. Toners and facial cleansers for example, are integral in avoiding acne breakouts, and stopping blemishes from running rampant on your face. Organic toners and facial cleansers all the more so, because they clean your face as well as a conventional one, but will irritate your pores less, preventing further penetration of dirt and avoiding skin erosion. You can find some great examples of these on

They’re much safer for you
Conventional beauty products contain a ton of chemicals that are very detrimental to your skin. Most of these products are dependent on alcohol, for example, to make them feel weightless and light on your skin. The problem with this is that alcohol leads to dry skin, and damage the natural barriers of your skin. A lot of other common ingredients such as phenoxyethanols, parabens, triclosans, and dioxins to name a few have nasty side effects that range from eczema and heightened allergic reactions, to an increased risk of cancer and even the cognitive impairment of infants.

They’re loaded with extra benefits

As the name suggests, organic or natural skin care products are made with, well, organic and natural ingredients. These ingredients contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins that are very beneficial for your skin, giving you additional benefits. Cocoa butter, for example, will moisturize your skin as well as any other conventional moisturizer, but also contains a lot of different healthy fatty acids that can repair skin, heal signs of aging, and even boost your immune system. This is just one example of an organic component that has added benefits, and cocoa butter is a widely used ingredient in many organic skin care products so imagine how much healthier and lively your skin would look if all your lotions, soaps, etc were organic.

All in all, organic skin care products are just as efficient as conventional ones, but provide so many more added benefits to your health. It may seem like a hassle at first, but if you really stick with it, natural skin care can do wonders not just for your skin but for your health in general. You’ll also be doing the environment a huge favor by avoiding products that use harsh chemicals, and supporting all natural ones instead.